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Cometa Airguns
  Cometa 50
  Cometa 100
  Cometa 220
  Cometa 300
  Cometa 300 Kamo
  Cometa 400 Compact Model
  Cometa 400
  Cometa Fusion
Gamo Airguns
  Gamo Whisper .22 cal
  Gamo Whisper .177 cal
  Shadow .22 cal
  Shadow 100 .177 cal
  CFX .177 cal
  Viper Express
Diana/ RWS Airguns
  Diana Panther .22 cal
  Diana Panther .177 cal
  Diana 350 Magnum .22 cal
  Diana Side Lever .22
  Diana LP8 Magnum Pistol
Weihrauch Airguns
  Weihrauch 40 PCA Pistol
  Weihrauch HW45 Pistol
  Weihrauch HW97K Rifle
  Weihrauch HW77K Rifle
  Weihrauch 100S PCP Rifle
  Weihrauch HW95K .177 cal
  Weihrauch HW80 .22 cal
FX Airguns
  Typhoon Rifle
  Typhoon 12 Rifle
  Cyclone Rifle
  Gladiator DA Rifle
  Revolution Rifle
  Monsoon Rifle
  Verminator Rifle
Air Arms Airguns
  S410 Classic Rifle
  S410 X-tra FAC Rifle
  MPR Rifle
  Pro Sport Rifle
  TX200 .177 cal Rifle